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  • Date: 25-06-2024
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Société : Ericsson

Www.Ericsson. com To facilitate a rapid evolution of 5G access networks and the successful adoption of 5G services, Ericsson is announcing 5G Plug-Ins, software-driven innovations that bring essential 5G technology concepts to today’s cellular networks. The development of 5G is a perfect example of how development is now driven by new potential applications. We are working with partners in many different industries, as well as universities and research centers, on use cases for 5G technology. This ensures that we are developing the right technology for real-world applications and gives us the experience to help our customers understand how to accelerate innovation. 5G use cases will include faster and more robust high speed mobile broadband and video everywhere, a proliferation of connected sensors to support the IoT and everything from driverless buses to remote surgery to immersive augmented reality.


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